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Top Variant List

The top interface is a common pattern in the CLI tool world. Here are some top style tools.

top style tools

  • atop: Linux top tool that catches short-lived processes.
  • glances: A better top which shows more aspects of the system.
  • htop: Top, but different. Perhaps better.
  • iftop: Top for network interfaces.
  • innotop: Top for database connections.
  • iotop: Top for IO.
  • nethogs: Network top that shows usage by pid.
  • ngxtop: top like view of nginx logs.
  • ntop: Top for networking.
  • powertop: Top for power usage.
  • top: The original.
  • nvtop: "Nvtop stands for Neat Videocard TOP, a (h)top like task monitor for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA GPUs."