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"Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software." -

Release history

Golang keeps to a 6-month minor release cadence. See also:

Version Release Date
1.15 2020-08-11
1.14 2020-02-25
1.13 2019-09-03
1.12 2020-02-25
1.11 2018-08-24
1.10 2018-02-16
1.9 2017-08-24

Tips and examples

  • Default GOPATH is ${HOME}/go on unix systems.
  • See a bunch of other defaults with go env

View default go environment

go env

Build code found on github

go get
go build

Show all modules used by a golang project

This will list all dependencies recursively in two columns with the library on the left and its direct dependencies on the right.

go mod graph