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tool for listing hardware information and decoding it into human readable form. This tool decodes the DMI information.


Show system serial number

sudo dmidecode -t system | grep Serial
sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number

Show memory info including max installable

sudo dmidecode -t memory

Show bios version

You may need to grep for a different string, but even then it doesn't always show the info because not all machines support this.

sudo dmidecode -t bios | grep -i revision

Shower power supply information

This doesn't always work. Some power supplies are not supported.

dmidecode -t 39

See Also

Show all keywords and their values:

## -s without a keyword lists all keywords
## -s with a keyword shows only the value of that keyword
dmidecode -s |& grep '^  ' | while read -r X ; do echo $X: $(sudo dmidecode -s $X) ; done ;
  • lshw - list hardware