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Nintendo Switch


Create a Switch compatible partition from linux

The Switch uses MBR 🙄 and has crummy exfat support... The following requires root permissions.

sfdisk "$SD_DISK" <<EOF
label: mbr
mkfs.exfat "$SD_DISK"1

Homebrew Glossary

Most of these were taken from

  • Atmosphere: custom firmware
  • Hekate: custom bootloader
  • NSP (Nintendo Submission Package): It's the official format used by Nintendo to provide installable content from their CDN servers.
  • NRO (Nintendo Relocatable Object): Officially is treated as a dynamic library object, similar to DLLs on Windows. These are loaded dynamically by applications at runtime.
  • NCA (Nintendo Content Archive): This format is the base format used by Horizon OS to store content.
  • NACP (Nintendo Application Control Property): This is the format used by Nintendo to store several properties of installed titles, like the title's name, version, author name and other information, like if the title supports screnshots or video captures.
  • XCI: Cartridge dump file