"The Kubernetes Package Manager" - https://github.com/kubernetes/helm

These notes are all about helm version 3. Charts that require helm 3 should use apiVersion: v2, though helm 3 does support v1.



List all versions of a chart in a given repo

helm search repo -l repo_name/chart_name --devel

Get values of a deployed chart

$release_name is the NAME column in helm list

helm get values -o yaml "$release_name" > values.yaml

Show notes for a deployed service

Notes are printed when you install a service, but they can be viewed again by running helm status <release_name> where is one of the releases from helm list.

Install the stable repo

helm repo add stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com/

Install the incubator repo


helm repo add incubator https://kubernetes-charts-incubator.storage.googleapis.com/