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"systemd-resolved - Network Name Resolution manager" - man systemd-resolved

systemd-resolved enhances (ie: interferes with) old school simple methods of managing DNS on a linux system. The way it reads the /etc/resolv.conf file as either a file or symlink alters the behavior of the service, which is a new mechanic that can have unexpected effects if you're not familiar with it.


Resolve a hostname

$ systemd-resolve

-- Information acquired via protocol DNS in 23.9ms.
-- Data is authenticated: no

Check name resolution statistics

$ systemd-resolve --statistics
DNSSEC supported by current servers: no

Current Transactions: 0
  Total Transactions: 36

  Current Cache Size: 2
          Cache Hits: 2
        Cache Misses: 103

DNSSEC Verdicts
              Secure: 0
            Insecure: 0
               Bogus: 0
       Indeterminate: 0

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