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Parallel SSH tools for running commands on multiple system simultaneously.


Run a command on hosts contained in a file, showing stdin and stdout

pssh -h hostnames.txt -i some_command some_arg

Run commands and view results on many hosts

o=$(date +%F-%T)
pssh -o "$o" -h hosts.txt uname -a
grep -r . $o

Run two commands on many hosts using bash expansion for host list

o=$(date +pssh-%T)
pssh -p 50 -t 60 {-H\ sea-z-app00{1..9},} -o $o 'whoami ; hostname ;'
grep -r . $o

Install a package on many hosts

fping < hosts.txt | awk '$3 == "alive" {print $1}' > alive.txt
pssh \
  -h alive.txt \
  -o out_dir \
  -l root \
  yum -y localinstall ~danielh/rpms/cfengine-community-3.6.2-1.x86_64.rpm

or directly from a db query and fping...

pssh \
  -h <(
    invdb -d sjc-z-01opsdbw 'select hostname from servers where colo = "sjc";' |
    sort -u |
    egrep '[0-9]+6[^0-9]' |
    fping 2> /dev/null |
    awk '$3 == "alive" {print $1}'
  ) \
  -o out_dir \
  -l root \
  yum -y localinstall ~danielh/rpms/cfengine-community-3.6.2-1.x86_64.rpm

or from mco...

o=$(date +pssh-%T) ; pssh -O GlobalKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -O UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -O StrictHostKeyChecking=no -t300 -p10 -h <(mco find -C role::devbox) -o "$o" 'sudo apt-get install -y silversearcher-ag' ; grep -r . "$o" ;