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About these notes

These are notes I've taken on technologies that I have used or would like to use.

These notes started out some time before 2005 in VoodooPad 2. In December 2005 I discovered that you could self-host MediaWiki, so I moved my content into a private MediaWiki installation. Both VoodooPad and self-hosted MediaWiki worked fine for me, but as my notes became more useful and I wanted to show different sections to people in a way that let them discover useful content, the private nature of my self-hosted MediaWiki installation became problematic. MediaWiki also had the problem of being hosted by a web service, which meant it was not possible to access or edit content when my laptop was offline. I solved this for a while by running MediaWiki in a VM on my laptop, but that meant I couldn't access notes from other computers if my laptop was offline, and it meant I had a VM running at all time just to serve notes, which wasted a lot of resources. In 2015 I decided to move out of MediaWiki into markdown files in git, and in 2016 I began using mkdocs to publish these notes publicly to github pages.

Since 2016, these notes are rendered from markdown files and published to github-pages using mkdocs gh-deploy. If you have suggestions, please open a github issue. Please do not submit PRs.