Lego Mindstorms


  • ev3 programming software is available via cask: brew cask install lego-mindstorms-ev3



link description Active differential system for RWD traction control Arm robot Arm robot - 3 axis, 360 degree motion, lightweight Arm robot on treads BALANC3R and Gyro Boy, self balancing Segway style bots Brick2014 EV3 6-Axis Robot Arm BrickPi walkthrough Bridge layer Clash of Clans player Coin sorter Complicated bridge layer Convert rotation into reciprocating motion of a piston Differential gearing demonstrated with lego EV3 Print3rbot Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma (walking and driving quadruped bot) Gopro 3 axis pan/tilt/slide Great Ball Contraption Line Follower Plotter Rubik's Cube solver Spirograph Spirograph Spirograph Spirograph Steampunk walking ship Sudoku solver Telepresence Time Twister - mechanical digital clock Time Twister 3 - mechanical digital clock World Record Rubik's Cube solver

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